Has your business been interrupted or shut down due to the Coronavirus?

Has your business been interrupted or closed due as a result of the Coronavirus and social distancing measures? If you are a business owner and have experienced a decline of business resulting in lost potential revenue, your business insurance may have coverage available.

Previously the Law Offices of Lucas & Magazine helped recover millions of dollars for business owners from the Deep-Water Horizon (BP Oil) spill. We know the impact of lost revenues brought upon a business. The heavily impacted business may include:


Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships, in this time when many non-essential businesses are being shut down our auto dealerships are being adversely effected. New Car, used car sales are down, service is down, but your expenses are still there, overhead, floor plan and your loss of profits. During the BP crisis, we recovered Millions of dollars for our Auto Dealership clients. We understand the nuisances of business interruption insurance and we may be able to help you navigate your way through these trying times. We are here to help you.


Restaurant Owners

Currently, most if not all restaurants are closed or limited to delivery service only. These months are your most profitable months. You are losing inventory, revenues you continue to have expenses the majority of your staff has been laid off. We understand and may be able to help you navigate your losses through your business interruption insurance. We are familiar with all of the documentation that the insurance companies need to help you navigate through these trying times. During the BP crisis we were able to recover millions of dollars for our restaurant clients and we are here to help you.


All Non-Essential Business Owners

During these trying times that you are required to be closed, you are losing a lot of money. Unfortunately, because you are required to shut down your monthly bills still come in and your loss of profits amount. We can help we are experienced in reviewing your business insurance policy and can help you navigate through a business interruption claim if you qualify. We are here to help you.

What can a business interruption lawyer help with?

If your business interruption claim was denied by your business insurance, the right legal representation from the Law Offices of Lucas & Magazine arm you with the legal experience you need.

Free Consultations and Policy Reviews

Business Interruption coverage within a business/commercial insurance policy is meant to equip your business for any potential losses due to the cause of disruption in business. Each policy is different and should be reviewed by an attorney. Our skilled legal team will seek recovery for the loss your business interruption suffered. Please gather a copy of your business policy and call our offices today for a free consultation.

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