Published On: September 28th, 2018Categories: Lucas Magazine, Personal Injury Law, Tips

Have you ever had a friend ask “no pics, no proof?”

Today people ask for pictures to justify it really did happen. With a camera in your pocket or purse, it has never been easier to document day to day life. Pictures quickly increase the validity of your claim. Details can be quickly overlooked or forgotten. Injuries, as well as damage, can be seen and truly validated from creditable shots.

What are some good pictures to take?

  • Vehicle photos
    • How the vehicles collided (while still collided if possible)
    • Areas of impact
    • Bumpers
    • Any dents/scratches
    • Tire placement, as well as the surrounding road
  • Any property damaged at the scene
  • Accident Scene
    • Street/intersection signs

Some agencies will only give you a report/incident number at the scene of an accident. Having additional information which you can collect at the scene is very beneficial. Here are some additional items at the scene to take photos of to assist with your accident case.

Photos to take at the scene:

  • Vehicles still collided
  • Vehicle license plates
  • Photo ID- although it will be on the formal report, it is good to have for proper spelling
  • Insurance cards- the report will have the driver’s policy number listed, but this can help with contact information for their agency
  • Driver exchange of information or reports made (especially the report number)
  • The reporting officer’s card & contact information
    • Badge number

While trying to assess and document the scene, always keep safety at mind:

  • Call 911 if injured
  • Assess the scene for immediate dangers to be cautious of
  • Ask for help from someone else to take photos if you are in pain waiting for medical attention

Smart phone photos also provide a time stamp for each image.  These pictures really help create a timeline of your accident. Should you happen to misplace an original such as the accident report, or the officer’s business card, you quickly have a nice copy stored in your phone as a photo. Try to have photos taken sooner than later. Once an agency responds to the scene, they will want to resume traffic flow.

Regardless of what may be said, photos always show the truth. Although everything quickly comes to sudden stop things happen so fast at the scene of an accident. Taking a few extra moments to try and capture some photos can really help tell how your accident happened.