Published On: January 31st, 2017Categories: Criminal Defense, Featured Attorney's & Legal Staff, Lucas Magazine

Another NOT GUILTY Verdict for Criminal Defense

After a weeklong trial before the Pasco Country Court, the court delivered a NOT GUILTY verdict. The case involved an allegation of Sexual Battery, upon a physically helpless person. Never having faced any acquisitions or charges previously such as these, the client sought legal representation from Attorney Clementine “CC” Conde.

The state tried to push Felony Battery of the First Degree on the client. The client would have faced thirty (30) years in prison if convicted as guilty. An offer was made to serve five (5) years of probation. The client rejected all the state’s offers. Thus, the case was set for trial after a year and a half of legal representation by CC.

Trial lasted for one full week. After our client took the stand, the court delivered a NOT GUILTY verdict. CC’s client was a free individual after the hearing concluded.

If you find yourself seeking legal representation for Criminal Defense give our offices a call to speak with Clementine “CC” Conde. She is experienced in Personal Injury Misdemeanor cases, License Suspension, Battery, Worthless Checks, Probation Infractions, and Traffic Infractions. In addition to her expertise in criminal defense, CC is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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