Published On: November 30th, 2017Categories: Legal News, Lucas Magazine, Personal Injury Law

Opioid Epidemic Prescribed by Pharma

Big pharmaceuticals and distributers have perpetrated this fraud on the American people, and created the Opioid Epidemic. Doctors duped to believe medications such as oxytocin hydrocodone were non-addictive. Unfortunately, now everyone has realized the addictive perplexities. Yet doctors have not stopped writing the prescriptions. This epidemic has hit every walk of society, and continues to devastate more.

Pharma Fails to Comply with Federal Statutes

Distributers ensured a safe monitoring and regulation on prescription opioids. They were to notify the DEA and stop suspicious orders. Yet they failed to comply with the reporting standards, and kept filling orders. Their negligence to uphold their promises resulted in the opioid epidemic.

Scripts which spread the epidemic

Doctors continued to write prescriptions without any notification from the promised regulation. Opiate medications were originated as short-term pain management. Doctors have written prescriptions as “treatment” for back pain, headaches and fibromyalgia. We entrust doctors, believing a prescription would help provide treatment. Opiate medications prescribed outside their original intentions, only allowed the epidemic to spread like wild fire.

Patients Numb and Addicted

Patients found quick yet temporary relief, as well as tolerance to prescribed dosages. Doctors to the belief medications were non-addictive, increased patient’s dosage to continue “treatment.” With the growing tolerance and increased dosages dependency and addiction developed. Patients continued to seek relief for the continuous pain. Opiate medications only numbed the pain, and treated nothing.

Destruction and Devastation from Opioids

Doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, and many others are so busy and under pressure to treat patients. They never considered the weight of these medications outside of medical side effects. Opioid medication prescriptions affect more than just the patient. Medical providers did not consider Opiates affect the family as well. Family and friends were to the impression of their loved ones receiving aid from prescription Opioids. Not something that would bring destruction and devastation.

Loved ones really witness the transformations from the Opioid Epidemic. Patients prescribed Opioid medications now struggle to live a normal lifestyle. They cannot function regularly due to addiction. This has resulted in drop outs due to failure to attend school. Unemployment from inability to work and maintain a job. Affects continue to be felt by families, some affects nothing a warning label cautioned them of.

Opioid Overdose Attorney

It is often easily forgotten to consider the family as well as the patient. We understand how invaluable family is. At the Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine we are here to take care of you like family. Some of us have personally experienced the devastation of the opioid epidemics within our families. If you or a loved one has experienced an overdose from a prescription opiate medication please call our offices. Let us help take care of your family, just like our own. Consultations are always free, call us at 1-800-4-INJURY to share your experience with us today.