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Cast Iron Pipe Claims

Many homes built before 1975 likely contain cast iron pipes. These pipes were proposed to have a lifespan of 80 – 100 years. Many homeowners are facing numerous cast iron pipe failures much before the proposed lifespan. Florida’s coastal climate with humidity often influences early cast iron pipe deterioration around 25 years of age to the pipes. When presented properly damages caused by failed cast iron pipes and damages caused to the access the pipes to repair/replace the pipes may be covered under your homeowner insurance for coverage.

Cast Iron Pipe Damage

Have you experienced any of the following within your home?

  • Broken, cracked or unbalanced floor tiles
  • Delayed sewer or drainage
  • Foul order
  • Leaking faucets
  • Mold
  • Pest infestation
  • Slowed or blocked drains
  • Water discoloration
  • Water stains (floors or ceilings)
  • Under counter pipe leaks

What can a Florida Property Damage lawyer help with?

Our property damage legal team reviews and best presents your claim so the insurance company acts accordingly. It is critical to properly present your cast iron claim correctly.  Insurance companies may hold provisions, limitations, and exclusions to your policy. One of your experienced and skilled attorneys will review your damage caused by failed cast iron pipes and your insurance policy to best present your claim. Your insurance company may try to compensate only for the damage sustained to your property. After a claim is presented, there is often additional documentation, research, negotiations, and litigation. Our experienced lawyers consider variables such as:

  • Do floors need to be replaced or repaired;
  • How many bathrooms in the home is affected by the pipe damage; and
  • How many blockages are there to the sewer line within your home’s plumbing system

What does is cost for legal representation?

Legal fees are contingent upon the settlement of your case and discussed prior to representation. Call our offices today to schedule your free consultation: 727-849-5353.

Do you have failed cast iron pipes in your home?

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