opioid epidemicThe Law Offices of Lucas | Magazine aspire to assist in restoring communities affected by the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation. As an advocate for clients as they reestablish from the levy effects of opioids, we spread hope. We aim to deliver help to those overcoming the neglect caused by the pharmaceutical companies’ failure to regulate medications. Only with the proper assistance will the affected society be able to rehabilitate after such tolling effects.

Pharmaceutical distributors such as Cardinal Health, McKesson and AmerisourceBergen negligently failed to uphold and comply with the reporting standards, as they primitively promised, thus inducing an opioid epidemic. These distributors were charged with a duty to monitor the number of opioids they were distributing and notify the DEA, and stop shipments of suspicious order. These companies never did this.

States with the highest overdose tolls effected by the opioid epidemic are Ohio, Kentucky, New Hampshire, West Virginia, and Florida. You may question how states, counties, and cities suffer from an overdose and addiction epidemic from the fault of such drug companies. Budgets for communities are/were formed with the intent of how taxpayer’s dollars would allow them to operate smoothly with the citizens’ safety and wellbeing at mind. Government programs such as addiction/counseling programs, and medical treatment like Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and medical treatment funding run off an allocated amount.  As a result of the alarming rise in overdoses, the government proposed budget programs have already been depleted prior to the halfway mark. Medical response personnel are responding to the increase in calls as well as vastly depleting their allocated supplies. Government programs designed to help with counseling and rehabilitation are outnumbered and overwhelmed.

The negligence in the failure to properly report the peak in the prescriptions has left communities in an outburst from opioids. The Law Offices of Lucas | Magazine is committed to advocating for these communities, to help restore justice.

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