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SIG Sauer P320 Involuntary Discharge

Many civilians purchase a weapon they can easily conceal to protect themselves and the people around them in the event of an emergency. A gun, though it can be life-saving, is a deadly weapon that requires training and focus to use properly. When a gun owner purchases a particular firearm they are effectively entrusting their lives to the manufacturer responsible for the gun. SIG Sauer’s website boasts that their P320 “won’t fire unless you want it to”. However, many news reports appearing all over the country for the last several years would appear to wager otherwise. There have been reported issues with the SIG Sauer P320 model handgun as far back as 2016, when the US Army noticed a “drop fire” issue, where the dun would discharge if dropped from a certain angle. SIG Saur allegedly updated the military issued model of the gun but continued selling the original version of civilians for over a year more. As far back as 2017, there were civilian reports of the gun involuntarily discharging when dropped or holstered without the trigger mechanism being touched. At one point, SIG Saur issued a “voluntary upgrade” for the weapon, but some involuntary discharge reports date to after this upgrade was issued.

As well as being one of the preferred US Army sidearms today, the gun is also often issued to police forces throughout the country as a direct result of the Army’s trust in the firearm. Among those who have reported bodily injury from these firearms are a member of SWAT, a firefighter, and multiple police officers. Were you injured from an involuntary discharge of your SIG Sauer P320?

“I was Injured—What can I do Now?”

Even though there was an out-of-court settlement reached with SIG Saur that entitles owners of the P320 to compensation depending on their circumstances, there is additional legal action you can take if you were injured from a misfire accident. Our dedicated team at the Law Offices of Lucas & Magazine can help you recover what you are rightfully owed. Injuries resulting from faulty gun mechanics can be grisly, costly, and time consumptive to heal from. You may have had to leave your place of work, you may have required surgery, or incurred other expenses or losses as a result of an involuntary discharge of your P320. Call our offices at 727-849-5353 and allow us the opportunity to help you.

Sig Sauer Gunshot

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