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unpaid overtimeMany employees are entitled to be paid overtime wages when they work more than 40 hours in a work week. Overtime wages are time and a half the regular rate of pay. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires overtime pay in many situations.

An employer can violate the FLSA overtime laws by refusing to pay a worker for hours that exceed 40. This can include circumstances where an employer requires an employee to work during lunch breaks but does not include that time in the weekly hours worked by the employee.

Often, employees are misclassified as salaried or management level employees and denied overtime pay. In today’s world where technology allows work to be done outside of the office, many employees are not paid for hours worked at home or out of the office. Salespeople and employees who receive bonuses also can be denied overtime wages.

An employee who proves that overtime wages were not paid typically can recover 2 years of back wages, and in some cases, up to 3 years of back wages, in addition to an amount equal to the unpaid wages amount, known as “liquidated damages.”


Employee Retaliation and Unpaid Overtime Claims
The law forbids an employer from retaliating against an employee who makes a valid claim for unpaid overtime pay. Retaliation can include actions such as termination, demotion, reduction of job duties and assigning unfavorable/undesirable shifts. If this occurs, you are entitled to file a new claim against the employer.


Why Is It Important To Hire An Attorney for Employment Law?
The decision to hire an employment law attorney greatly determines whether your employment rights are protected.

Moreover, it is not easy to determine whether you have a legal cause for a lawsuit. By contacting our Employment Law department, you will get assistance in making this crucial decision.


What Will An Employment Law Attorney Cost Me?
Most of our employment law cases are handled as “Contingency” cases.    This means that the employer (the defendant) is entitled to pay all the attorney’s fees and costs, or a certain percentage of what the client gets as compensation.


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