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In the United States today, there are over thirty-six million people above the age of 65. Unfortunately, between 1 and 2 million Americans age 65 or older are abused in some way or another each year.

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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

As our loved ones enter the later stages of their lives, we are often given the responsibility to provide them with the best care we can find. At The Law Offices of Lucas & Magazine, we understand that despite the most thorough research and most careful planning, your loved ones could still find themselves victims of nursing home abuse. Nursing home abuse could occur at even the most highly rated care homes. The families of loved ones in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities do everything they can to ensure the best treatment of their elders, but sometimes the abuse is carefully concealed and can even go unnoticed for months. If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse, The Law Offices of Lucas & Magazine can help your loved one receive the compensation they deserve.

Lucas & Magazine provides the best Attorney’s around to fight and provide justice for any situation our clients are battling. We look into every detail to establish the best solution and fight for what our clients deserve.

Neglect & Abuse

Nursing home abuse is often difficult to uncover. Due to the nature of the abuse, the behavior can often go unnoticed for significant periods of time. Residents of nursing homes are at a much higher risk of sustaining life-threatening injuries as a result of abuse. The more time that passes between the start of abusive behavior and its discovery, the more likely a victim is to sustain injuries that are impossible to recover from. Nursing home abuse can take many forms. The Florida nursing home abuse lawyers at The Law Offices of Lucas & Magazine think it’s vitally important for families to be aware of these types of abuse and the signs associated with them. 

Nursing Home Abuse Include:

  • Withholding medication

  • Overmedication 

  • Errors in medication administration

  • Unsanitary living conditions 

  • Neglect of residents’ basic hygiene needs

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is one of the easier to uncover. The resident is often left with visible wounds or external appearances that are obvious to their family members. Harm resulting from physical abuse can include:

  • Bed sores

  • Bruises
  • Injuries from falls
  • Dehydration
  • Pressure Ulcers

  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones

  • Significant weight loss

We Fight For You

While our legal team can never guarantee the outcome of a lawsuit, we can assure you our team of aggressive attorneys will work tirelessly on your Nursing Home Abuse claim. As our client, we will provide you with advice and assist you in any decision-making you are faced with. Further, we are dedicated to keeping you updated throughout every phase of your case. Though we cannot accept every case, we never charge for consultations regarding your claim. In all the cases we accept, the Law Offices of Lucas & Magazine will always provide you with the skilled advocates you need and provide you with top-notch representation.

You and your family will be able to focus on your recovery as we work tirelessly to recover what you are rightfully owed from the accident. Our skilled team of lawyers is dedicated to fighting for your rights and your compensation.


If you or someone you love is experiencing nursing home abuse and neglect, please contact our offices.

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Experienced Attorneys

The Law Offices of Lucas & Magazine legal team is comprised of several attorneys who are Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers and National Board of Trial Advocacy Civil Trial Lawyers. This Double Board Certification is a distinction of experience in specialized skills, knowledge, and proficiency within the field of personal injury. A Board Certified Specialist can make a huge difference when you need to retain a Personal Injury Attorney.

Florida Board Certification is a volunteer program recognition of “specialist” or “expert” based upon the attorney’s experience requiring:

  • The practice of law for at least five years;
  • Substantial involvement in the specialty of civil trial law — 50% or more — during the three years immediately preceding application;

  • Handling of at least 15 contested civil cases, including cases before juries as lead counsel and as the trier of fact on some or all of the issues;

  • 50 hours of approved civil trial law certification continuing legal education in the three years immediately preceding application;

  • Peer review; and,

  • A written examination.


Nursing home patients are protected by both federal and state law. These rights ensure each resident has safe, adequate, and appropriate care. Florida law provides for redress for violations of residents’ rights.

Some of these rights include the right to:

  • Receive adequate and appropriate healthcare, protective, and support services
  • Be treated courteously, fairly, and with the fullest measure of dignity
  • Be free from mental and physical abuse
  • Be adequately informed of his or her condition and proposed treatment.
  • Examine the results of the most recent inspection of the nursing home facility conducted by a federal or state agency.

If you suspect your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, contact The Law Offices of Lucas & Magazine. We understand that you, as your elder’s caretaker, are in a difficult situation when you believe that the nursing facility you entrusted to care for your loved one has failed you. We are here to advocate for you and your loved one personally and to obtain just compensation if nursing home abuse has occurred.

Once you suspect that your loved one is being abused, begin to compile and record any photographs, suspicious medical records, injuries, or observations you learn about. When you come to see us about your potential nursing home abuse case, it is important to bring any and all documentation you have that abuse has occurred.